Let’s Pardner Up!

Become a member of a great network and marketing association and let us promote you.

If you’re open to reaching more and being flexible in our area; if you’re starting a new business or re-building an existing one; or if you want to network your company and don’t have a lot of time, let’s schedule a time to talk.

How we can Help

We’ll help you on press releases, grand openings, logos, and slogans.

We help market your business 3 ways:
1. We MAIL your fliers
2. We network for you when we’re out
3. Word of Mouth: Our Breakfast Meetings

It is our PRIVILEGE to serve you

Press Release for your New Business!

ribbon cutting

Download Press Release Template
The rule of thumb is to invite anyone with whom you exchange services/ funds (i.e, your bankers, vendors, sponsors, media, etc.). Attached is a photo of what a ribbon-cutting looks like. (The same rules work for ground-breaking ceremonies. The Chamber will bring 8 gold shovels.) About 10 minutes after the scheduled time of your ribbon cutting, begin & have in mind WHERE we will cut the ribbon. Let’s get everyone to that spot. You should say a few words about WHY we’re there; invite anyone else (the dignitaries present, etc.) to say a word or two. The Chamber will take photos; if you want some pictures with YOUR camera, just hand it to the Chamber rep and they will gladly get shots for you, also. If you want a blessing on the new building, say it BEFORE we cut. (Totally up to you, should you decide to pray or ask someone to do it for you.)

This event is a great time for door prizes, snacks ~ this is YOUR party. After some of the photos are taken, then you’ll be counted down ~ “3, 2, 1 ~ CUT”. Then, we’re done! Don’t forget to do FREE press releases a week prior (if possible) to let everyone know. (basics of local press release info attached.) If we may help you, we will.

Give us a call today or email us at dj@welcomepardner.com for more information.


–A prayer is always great. Let me know how else I may be of service. I’ll see you at your event!     dj

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