National Research Administrator Day

September 25, 2022 all-day
National Research Administrator Day
United States

National Research Administrator Day on September 25th recognizes the contributions made by administrators every day.

Research Administrators and Managers serve an important role in supporting research. They assist the faculty and researchers, protect the institution or organization and assure sound stewardship of sponsored research dollars. Many organizations support Research Administration around the world.

Their roles are multifaceted. From oversight of a program to compliance and review, Research Administrators serves every aspect of a project. They keep a project on course. Their management allows other’s to maintain focus on their individual roles as well.

Where do Research Administrators work? The role of a Research Administrator leads research goals in many fields. As expected, these stewards are found in health and medical institutions and research facilities. However, they’re also in demand in higher education from liberal arts colleges to research universities and in the government sectors. Both for-profit and non-profit organizations rely on their knowledge and direction.

Research administration began in the 1940s with a small number of individuals. They’ve now advanced into the modern age with thousands of acknowledged professionals worldwide. Research Administrators and managers provide value and expertise to the global research enterprise.

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