National Open The Magic Day

September 25, 2022 all-day
National Open The Magic Day
United States

National Open The Magic Day celebrates read alouds, picture books, the of love reading, and students who struggle to find their reading voice. Every year on September 25th, teachers and parents worldwide read a picture book (or many!) to celebrate Opening the Magic. The day reminds us that picture books are for everyone and allows them to have a confetti moment!

What are confetti moments? A confetti moment is when a child or adult relates to a point in a story that brings them great joy and a place where they belong. Everyone from two to one hundred two enjoys picture books! And everyone has a confetti moment waiting when you Open the Magic.

“I am where I am today because I AM A READER. I am a college graduate, a master’s degree recipient, a reading specialist, owner of Ramona Recommends, a presenter, an elementary teacher, and somebody who never gives up!” Courtney Hinshaw, Founder of Ramona Recommends

National Open The Magic Day is also a reminder to thank the parents and teachers who do everything they can to help children become who they were meant to be. Every day they work together to give children the gift of reading. Their gift also helps to build a safe place for every child to feel loved.

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