Patti Amador

Just a quick Thank You from Amarillo SPCA for all you do, and for how we feel Welcome Pardner has helped us in adoptions and fundraisers for the year 2021.  To begin, we are pleased with our Welcome Pardner membership of the past 4 years.

Now, speaking about our featured ‘PET OF THE WEEK’.  In the year 2021, you featured 52 to 54 of our pets in the e-blast.  We send those dog or cat pictures and bios/stories to Welcome Pardner and to two Newspapers each week.  DJ, as the owner of Welcome Pardner, you feature our Pet of the Week on e-blast on Thursdays, and the Globe News and Canyon News post what we send them on the following Sunday.  Of the dog and cat pictures we offered as Pet of the Week in 2021, 33 of those have been adopted, hopefully to ‘forever’ homes.  We never know for sure how people have heard about the dogs and cats we have, so we also cannot tell you if the adoption was as a result of the e-blast.  We like to think that many of them are!

Next, thank you for all the posts regarding our Amarillo SPCA Fundraisers that we have throughout the year.  As examples, we send you information on our annual Muttfest, Garage Sale and Santa Paws, just to name a few.  Any time we are doing something special, you DJ are kind enough to post a few times prior to the events, which I know gets the word out to hundreds of people in Amarillo and the surrounding communities.

A couple of SPCA volunteers try to attend the breakfast each month. When anything special is going on with Amarillo SPCA, we also hand out material at that time.  We do feel the Amarillo SPCA has benefited from our relationship with Welcome Pardner. We appreciate everything our membership has helped us with.  Amarillo SPCA is a 501©3 non-profit organization.  A no-kill dog and cat shelter, funded wholly by private contributions, fees from animal adoptions, and fundraisers.  We depend on animal lovers and concerned pet owners in Amarillo and the surrounding areas to support our efforts.

Our address is 11901 S. Coulter.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 to 5 p.m.  Phone: 806-622-0555. Dogs or cats can be viewed at www.amarillospcashelter.com or www.adoptapet.com.

Patti Amador – Amarillo SPCA

King Hill


Both Dianne and I have been avid readers & fans for years, but what stands out is the verifiable reach, results and success WELCOME PARDNER has

brought to many businesses I have recommended your service to over the years.

Armstrong County Museum and River Road ISD are two that I have personally  seen grow and prosper as a result of the ‘ partnership”.  RRISD has

seen incredible results in rebranding and positive impressions all as a result of you and WELCOME PARDNER!

I recommend your services without reservation. Thank you for all you do for our community.

King Hill – Consultant

Joette Campbell

Thank you so much. I do appreciate you so much and know you are always looking “up” on behalf of so many.

Welcome Pardner is a good partner to FSS and I am grateful for the collaboration.

Joette Campbell

Jay Smith

“DJ is an absolute dream to work with. Very professional! She does what she says and reaches out frequently with warmth and joy. Great work!”

Jay Smith – Smith & Son Armory, LLC

Becky Miller

Welcome Pardner!, DJ and her staff are amazing!! From marketing for your business to involvement with community non-profits, to providing vital local information, Welcome Pardner! is your one stop shop! If you aren’t on the WP E-Blast, you are missing vital community information – you should request to join today!!

You and your business can profit from a visit from Welcome Pardner!

Becky Miller

Daphne Cox

My girls and I go to Bible Study Fellowship on Monday nights. This week, one of the greeters told me “I see your face almost every day on DJ’s e-blast. A sweet reminder of all that Welcome Pardner! does for our local businesses and community.

Thank you DJ for your encouragement, for inspiring me to be my best, and for praying for our business!

You are truly an angel

Daphne Cox

Diane M. Mendez

I can remember being a young girl and getting so excited when we would receive the Welcome Pardner mailers! That little pack of discounts and coupons represented all of the goodies that Amarillo had to offer! After my family looked over the mailers, I would repurpose the unused ones into play money!$!$! Most of the mailers had numbers on them such as 10% off or $2 off this or that…my sisters, friends and I would play “store” and use the mailers as money! They were just the right size to incite our imagination and we had many fun afternoons buying and selling with Welcome Pardner goodies!. I know this was not the original purpose for these, but talk about recycling/reusing/repurposing!

Thank you for letting me share this story with you, your organization and you have been a pillar of the Amarillo Community and I for one am very thankful for that!

Diane M. Mendez

Maria Stickel

Being newly retired, I can reflect back on the impact Welcome Pardner has had on my career. It was my “go to’ resource for: job searching for myself and others; promoting events; seeking support for fundraising efforts; connecting with business partners and that is only the surface. I’ve made wonderful friends and have always felt appreciated and valued in this partnership.

Thank you, DJ, Toni and all members and friends.

Maria Stickel

Andrea Fluhman

THIS WAS AWESOME!!! Thank you Welcome Pardner and Edible Arrangements for accepting my nomination of Diane Shadbolt for June’s recipient of the Random Acts of Kindness. Diane does an excellent job of coordinating, communicating, and organizing gym rentals for both AISD needs and community needs. I nominated Diane because her job is one of those unspoken daily need jobs that often go overlooked. Diane was SPEECHLESS! It was AWESOME! Our Rod Schroder Education Support Service Staff is much like a family and it was wonderful to celebrate one of our members together.

Andrea Fluhman

Liz Larson

DJ you are helping in so many ways. I have Boy Scouts from Troop 86 looking for local service hours ideas. Immediately, I found several in your e-blast complete with dates, contact information, etc. Sure appreciate the resource! I’m better at what I do because of you!

Liz Larson

JP Gwinn

DJ and her staff are amazing. They really know the local community and have great connections in helping you get settled in your new community.

JP Gwinn

Sonja Gross

I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally got around to downloading the Welcome Pardner app.  The e-blast is so much easier to read on my smart phone and I can check the event calendar with a simple tap.  Thank you for continuing to offer amazing, innovative ways to connect to our community.  You’re the best!

Sonja Gross

Patti Amador

DJ, I enjoy the Welcome Pardner E-Blast every morning, and usually learn something as well. On Wednesday this week the Dixie and Mr. Beck information brought a smile. Then the Vet visit and Dixie’s adoption story. Thank you for encouraging Pet adoption. Those of us SPCA volunteers are so pleased Dixie has her forever home at your place.  The Answered Prayer: “A Buddy to Love” , story about the Cocker Spaniel Buddy, a shelter dog, was so perfect.  On Thursday, the information about Goodwill Industries, was very interesting. Like I said, I learn something every day. Of course cute picture of the money and the cat (two things that control the world), seemed so appropriate. I have also used various services from some of your sponsors, and keep handy a list of others, for just in case I need them.  Thanks DJ, and Welcome Pardner in general, for all you do for our community.  What a tremendous service!

Patti Amador

Scott Latham

God morning, Mama!

I just wanted to say a few things about some of the wonderful people associated with Welcome Pardner.
First is Santa Ray and Mrs Claus. We have worked with both of them at several events both for and not for profit. Not only are they very good in character (in uniform and out) but they are extremely loving people and it shows in their work.

Next is Mark and Rhonda Fletcher (and of course Simone) of Accent Embroidery. We reciprocate business and its a true honor to do business with such fantastic people. They are always true to their word and do an outstanding job!

Two of the greatest people I’ve met through Welcome Pardner are Val and Dirk Swope. They both have such a generous spirit and love for our community that it makes any one they are around want to be better people! I have the great honor to be apart of the 100 club with many others and you truly get to see both of their hearts of service through this great organization.

Eric & Christina Pittman with Bevanda are two of the most energetic people I’ve met. Again we reciprocate business often and they are always running. But I’ve noticed, they are always smiling. They love what they do and it shows.

Two of my favorite people of all time have to be Deana and Richard Zaccardo from Belmar Bakery. Man they are sweet (pun intended). They, like Crystal and I, work together everyday. We get to visit them often at the Bakery and they are (when you can get them together) so loving and are a great example for their employees. We’ve had the pleasure of “shooting” their entire family on many occasions and absolutely love them.

Paul and Amanda Davis with Marble Depot are absolutely marbolous! Outstanding members of this community with hearts of gold! They allow us into their lives often to capture the moments of Betton and Wynn’s little lives and we love knowing them. Both Paul and Amanda are beautiful people inside and out!

Of course, my sister and brother (both in Christ and in heart) Micheal and Samarah Meil (Samarah owns Amarillo Travel) are two of the most loving people I’ve ever met. I’m honored to say that not only are we friends and heart relatives but also business partners. If you want to be surrounded by love and guided by His Word, spend a few minutes with them and you will be blessed beyond measure!

And then there’s Mrs. Mickey Butler from Relax Awhile Massage . She’s very quiet and you have to really listen to get to know her because she just doesn’t toot her own horn! But she has a heart and a love for people that is rare. I am very particular about who I allow into my bubble. I feel that someone that is going to be that “in your space” should be a person that you can completely trust (she’s the only woman besides my wife that I’ve been behind closed doors with without my clothes on) so I have to trust her! Mickey is full of stories and if your willing to relax a while, you might just hear one!

Last but not least is YOU! You spend you’re day bringing great people together. Not only are you dedicated to this community but an honest work-a-holic! While most of us are still sleeping, you’re up and at work so the e-blast is waiting on us early! You are an inspiration to so many people and brighten the lives of EVERYONE you meet! You’ve never met a stranger (or as you would say, “anyone stranger than you “). I’ve seen you walk into a store and be helped by a grumpy angry person and upon your departure that person has no choice but to smile.

There are so many people that I have met through Welcome Pardner that have not only brightened my life but have also become great friends. All the people that I have written about today have something very special in common. They all have a passion for people. I have worked with everyone of them at charity events all over Amarillo. But not just one, many! I see these people serving others and not doing it for financial gain. That’s who I want to spend my money with! People who are like minded and people that are great stewards with the blessings that God has given them!
Not only have I found people in the business world that I want to give business too, but I’ve also found friends!

Thanks for the memories,
Scott Latham  – Fantasy Photography

Randy Braidfoot, MS, CFP® , CDFA™

I forgot to tell you, I had 6-8 inquiries last week. This really works! Please use me as a reference if you ever have need of it. Also I will be glad to let others know about your services.


Thanks again so very much DJ!

Randy Braidfoot, MS, CFP® , CDFA™ – Panhandle Regional Planning Commission 

Brad Tooley


I am happy to report that your E-Blast worked for us! We advertised for a part-time bookkeeper and soon received a handful of resumes.  We made a great hire after our first interview.

Thanks again for providing this vital service.


Brad Tooley – Choice Media

Mary Silva

Hello DJ and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to give you and Teen Christmas Project and Clint Walker a big Thank You for helping the teens that we serve through the Education Department at Family Support Services. The teens received their vouchers and we made their Christmas so much better and blessed. I think that this effort is worth the smiles we received and the wonder in these teens eyes who may have thought that they probably wouldn’t be receiving anything for Christmas this year. I’m so thankful for people in our community that give to causes such as this to bring joy to those less fortunate and forgotten at Christmas. This means so much! Thank you again and blessings for all your hard work.

Mary Silva – Strengthening Families Prevention Specialist, Family Support Services


La Fiesta Grande

Bridgeport Strategy

Sandra Taylor

Hi DJ,

I wanted to share a story with you about how your e-blast directly affects people’s lives!

I shared a job opportunity (from Goodwill Industries) that I saw on your e-blast, with an employee of ours. She and her husband live in Florida and have decided to move here to Amarillo. However, her husband, Rob, does not yet have a job. Rob is also a long-time friend with my boss, Chris Hatfield. Helping Rob find a job is very important to all of us, to help their transition to Amarillo go as smoothly as possible.

After I passed along the job opportunity from your e-blast, Rob applied for it, interviewed, and he is now one of 3 final candidates for the job! We are saying prayers that he gets it, and I wanted to THANK YOU for sharing all of the information you do. The way you connect our community is such a valuable resource, because it CHANGES LIVES



Hope you’re healing up fast.

You’re a true Angel, and I know you have a team of Angels working around the clock..to support your healing.

I’m passing on a personal note, to express my complete gratitude for you and your efforts in getting the Mental Health Awareness walk info out there.

This year Agape/NAMI had more sponsors than ever, and with your help, more people are knowing about the cause and avenues available for mental health assistance here in the Panhandle.

Enjoy the photos, and look forward to staying in touch with you always.  Take Good Care now,

Diane Wilson

Workforce Solutions Panhandle

My Dearest DJ,

Just wanted to let you know about the results of our Amarillo Job Fair at the Civic Center, which you so graciously advertised on your email blast.  We estimated over 93 employers and 1500 job seekers which is excellent considering we only have a 3.1% unemployment rate MSA.

We have always had great support from you and you have no idea how much we appreciate you!! Thanks to you, we had 2 employers who signed on after reading your email blast.

I would also like to thank Ms. Rayvonne Clark’s middle school kiddos from Sam Houston Middle School who volunteered their time to help us.  I cannot begin to tell you how courteous, hardworking and helpful these young people are.  Whatever they are doing at Sam Houston, its working!! These kids are amazing and I look forward to seeing what great things they will accomplish as adults!

Thank you not only for helping us, but for everything else you do D.J.  You are such a blessing to our community. I look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Sylvia Garza Taft
Business Services Representative

Workforce Solutions Panhandle

On behalf of Workforce Solutions Panhandle and Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, we want to Thank You for your continued support and advertisement in Welcome Pardner. We had an excellent turn out (thanks for partnering with us) and many job seekers got hired in the spot. The Hiring Event was a success, so they decided to come back to our office on September 23, 2015 from 10am to 5pm and September 30, 2015 from 10am to 5pm. Be expecting the flyer!!!

I don’t have much words to express you from the deepest of my heart how thankful I’m for all your help and support. You’re great!!!

Blasina Capó-Rodríguez, MALR
Workforce Solutions Panhandle

Michie Family

My mom had some home improvements started earlier this year and unfortunately weren’t completed , but thank God for Welcome Pardner. Without the welcome Pardner friends and business partners, we probably wouldn’t have got quick results and true hard workers to come thru for my mom. Paul Davis from marble depot answered the call and through execution, an army of guys came thru and each delegated a section with their expertise, and like clock work the builders provided quality workmanship, as if this little old 800 square foot home was a 2000 plus square foot in the colonies, their work was no short cuts to save money they used their skills and money and workers to get the house restored back.

Little did u know it was the Amarillo builders association members who eventually divided up the job and each contributed greatly, It just goes to show that a lady (DJ) with a vision for business to work together and support each other would allow a business to respond to a need and execute a plan and use his own resources and time to make a family proud and have a house to call home again. So thanks to DJ for allowing her vision to be shared and Paul to get the builders association to pull off a home makeover.

Michie family

Ron Fernuik, and the Board of the Texas Air & Space Museum


Scott Latham

Good morning DJ,

I just got off the phone with you and in the midst of an extremely busy time of year for us you were a breath of fresh air. It was nice to put down the work for a moment and just talk to a friend, mother, mentor and fellow business person.

Sometimes as business owners I think we forget to take a little time for ourselves. I want to challenge everyone to take 10 minutes a day to just stop and “Phone a Friend”. Let them know how much they mean to you. Not only will it brighten your day but it will also remind you what that person means to you. If you have already called every friend you know, “Phone a Pardner”. There are so many wonderful people in the Welcome Pardner family. Just go to the Welcome Pardner website and pick someone and just say thank you or if you don’t know that person, introduce yourself. You never know, you might just “Find a Friend”.

I know personally Crystal and I have found so many wonderful friends through Welcome Pardner. I would just like to say thank you to all of them. The entire Shreiner clan. Nancy, Jeff, Jasen, Jeremy, Heather and Shawn. Mickey Butler of Relax a While Massage, Deana from Belmar Bakery, Dean Sather from Cross Pointe Auto, Amanda from 887 Media, Stephanie Tucker from 806 Pro Sports, just to name a few. I consider all of these people not only my first call for their field but also personal friends.

I know that you are constantly talking about all of us. I hear so often that people say “Well DJ told me to call”. I just wanted to say thank you for your kind heart and super service.

Have a fantastic day current and future friends.

Scott Latham
Fantasy Photography

Maria DeBrango Stickel

We received many qualified applicants for our employment opportunities who referenced the e-blast.  This is evidence of how many people are using this valuable resource.

Thank you for all of your networking efforts. They are very effective.


High Plains Food Bank
Director of Philanthropy

Ellen and Bob Cowell


Bob and I have been here a year. Wow, that went by fast! And it’s been great.

I just wanted to thank you and the e-blast sponsors for this community asset. I have found volunteer opportunities, giving opportunities, weekend entertainment suggestions, jokes and quotes that brighten my day and most especially effective ways to let people know about the Blueprint for 21st Century Senior Centers project on the e-blast. Thanks for your vision for this, your sponsors support, and the commitment to make it happen each morning!

God Bless,

Ellen Cowell

Claudia Archuleta & Select Staff


Our team at Select Staff if blessed in being part of Welcome Pardner. I find myself talking about Welcome Pardner to friends, family, and customers. Something interesting Brandi, my coworker mentioned to Jennifer the Vice President of Select Staff was- “DJ makes up Amarillo, Texas-in other words she is Amarillo!” By golly she sure is right, who doesn’t know DJ?!? Thank you for keeping the community well informed and in bringing us all together each and every day!


Claudia Archuleta
Kodi Cole
Brandi Watson

Jacob W. Thompson

Welcome Pardner’s breakfast is not just a business networking event.   The bigger more critical component and linchpin of the whole experience is this:
This event, family,  & moment where we all share our enthusiasm for each other and for what we do is the catalyst for a great and pivotal spiritual proving ground.  This has been true for me.
D J has changed my life.  Welcome Pardner has changed my life.  The reason why I say this is because if you let yourself open up and meet someone new here it could turn your world upside down.
This is the “proving ground” part.
“As Iron Sharpens Iron…” says the scripture.
By investing in the life of someone new here you just might find that the very person you touch positively changes your life forever!
That’s been true for me in the last month alone & has left me positively “dot.dot.dot.dot.” speechless at times!
There’s a powerful essence in this family & it’s more than worth tapping into.
If you’ve not tapped into it yet let me encourage you to do so today! Get out of your comfort zone and spend some one on one time with someone new over coffee or something.  It may be the one connection that propels you forward!
Blessings to you all!

In Sincerity,

Jacob W. Thompson
Heartland Payment Systems

Brent Barbee

DJ, thank you for the mention of the Nixle text/email message service in yesterday’s E-blast.  Welcome Pardner was the first to promote the service for us and we know you have been the source of a lot of subscribers.  We get a lot of positive feedback from the public that enjoys seeing police information straight from the department.  Whenever someone asks about it, I enjoy explaining that the information comes right from Jerry’s, Sean’s, or my desk-except when we send it out from our Iphone on some scenes or a computer in the Mobile Command Vehicle during a SWAT call-up or other event.

We have 7302 subscribers as of yesterday, thanks for helping us get the word out!

Brent Barbee

King Hill

A huge thank you to you, D.J., Welcome Pardner, Diana Densmore, Francis Zion, Sherri Acker, Stephanie Pepin, and the over two hundred audience members who came to the Premier of my new play, ” A Gem Dandy Ghost” at the Gem Theatre in Claude last weekend.Thank you for you attendance, your great comments, and D.J. for the inclusion in the email blasts.

D. J.,  I was blessed with many mentions and features on radio, tv, newspaper and more and I appreciate everyone, but your email blast truly works! I have received emails, phone calls, and even was greeted in a local Amarillo restaurant with Dianne, my wife, and asked about the show because they had read in the email blast. WELCOME PARDNER WORKS!

My work and tenure as Artist In Residence for the Gem Theatre in Claude is completed now, so I want to invite all audiences and friends to new shows I have planned and productions here in Amarillo. And I hope Mrs. Densmore is reading, because I would love to meet you and sign your program as you mentioned, As the character of Charlie said in my play,” I’m always ready to celebrate with Mexican Food! ”

Thanks again to one and all,

King Hill

ReGina Glenn

Hello DJ-

I wanted to follow-up with you and let you know of the great results I received when asking for volunteer projects a few week back.  I received 8 responses! They were all great projects and unfortunately we were not able to help them all. Now that I have contacted them all to let them know if they “made the cut” or not, I am ready to announce that we are able to help out 3 of them! Look for over 100 AIG volunteers during National Volunteer Week, April 6-13, at Amarillo Botanical Gardens, Amarillo Zoo and High Plains Food Bank.

As mentioned, they were all great projects and I suggested to the other 5 places that they post their needs in your emails. I am certain there are groups out there that would be able to help.

Thanks for your help, as always. Your readers are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

ReGina Glenn
Project Coordinator

Colleen Nelson

Hi DJ,

Just wanted to share with you a story I put together after seeing the idea from your e-blast!

The High Plains Food Bank is looking for egg carton donations. Here is an “eggcellent” way we can give back to our great community!

Thanks for all that you do! I love reading your emails every morning.


Colleen Nelson

Joanne Flores


I would like to share with you how you and your e-blast has touched my life.

A few months ago I found myself in a situation I would not wish on anyone. To make a long story short, I prayed and asked God to direct my path. Immediately, I felt in my spirit to call you DJ, my angel. After speaking to you I was lifted and highly encouraged. You confirmed God had a plan for my future. God had closed the door no man could open in this particular situation as it was not good for me. God is so good to look after me that way!

The following couple of weeks after this particular situation, I was very sad. Although I knew God was in control, I still felt an overwhelming feeling to be alone and seek God. Every morning God led  me to open and view your e-blast. There, I found encouraging words EVERYDAY and felt an overwhelming peace. It was like I had an angel sitting with me. On top of all the encouraging words and local information, there were so many people to pray for, opportunities to volunteer and job postings. Through your e-blast I was offered 3 jobs! Thank you for being my angel and creating this e-blast! I’m not sure I would have made it without it!  I would encourage anyone I know to add this e-blast into their everyday lives. You never know when you’ll need an angel directly with you.

I love you DJ Stubben! Thank you for being in my life! I am always and forever thankful to you my friend!  I ask that God bless you and your business!

I am now in a GREAT place in my life! You will be hearing about the new things in my life soon! I’m coming out like a roaring lion March 1, 2014!


Mary Kay Kuhrts

Hi DJ,

Thank you so much for introducing Martha’s Home to 887 Media. In the last couple of years, 887 Media has redesigned our beautiful website with unlimited updates, sends out our monthly e-newsletters, and posts on Martha’s Home Facebook page! They have also designed our new brochure, banner, and artwork for donation boxes. They do all this with the most cheerful professionalism, and perseverance in making sure the outcome is perfect. I would highly recommend them to any business or non-profit organization. They make you look good!!

If any Welcome Pardner! client would like to support Martha’s Home by displaying our new donation box in their place of business, please contact me.

Thank you, DJ & 887 Media, you are both special friends of Martha’s Home and mine!

Diana Wise-McPherson

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your e-blasts. I have learned more about community events and non-profits than I ever knew from other news sources. I have found people to provide services that I needed but didn’t know where else to look (3 Q’s and a Lady). I found a great masseuse (Christina Hughes). I found the newest member of our family, our dog Krystal, from your pet e-blast. So…..THANK YOU! Thank you for your time and effort in providing this FREE service to us all! Thank you for your gift to this community!!!!

With Deepest Respect,


April Riggs

Hi DJ,
Thanks so much for your help advertising our Christmas In October fundraiser for Sharing Hope Ministry. This was our BEST event ever. We had 150 people attend our event using the Welcome Pardner coupons that you mailed out! Those are great numbers! We’ve used the Welcome Pardner with this promotion for several years and are always blown away by the response! Thanks so much for being a wonderful part of this event!

Dr. Coby Perkins

DJ’s command of marketing, networking, and good public relations is phenomenal. When we became a Welcome Pardner! sponsor in 2006, her valuable insight and promotional ideas helped bring great exposure for us! The services she offers through the Welcome Pardner! mailer, website, e-blast, and monthly networking opportunities, continue to be a tremendous asset for businesses, non-profits, and individuals in this community.

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Brandon & Christie Barber

Good morning DJ.

I would like to give out a thank you and testimonial to everyone on your E-Blast. A year and two months ago I decided to venture out on my own after the Lord put a business opportunity right in front of me. After several weeks of consideration and asking my beautiful wife if she would stand behind this idea, we started our research. We researched everything possible and went to the SBDC and presented our idea. They looked at me like I was crazy at first but then saw the need in our community as I did. With our prayers and the Lord guiding us, it all seemed seemless. We finished the business plan and it was time to convince the bank to back us. That turned out to be pretty seemless as well even though it was a risky idea. We received our funding and began purchasing all the equipment and supplies needed to run the business. Within one week we had our very first job. Now, we had a pretty large task at hand, becoming known ! I started speaking to everyone that would listen to us about the services that we offer and would offer them at a better price than our competetors. We have strived everyday to build Bio-Klenz with dignity, compassion and respect to every client on every job regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. Then, one day by accident we were advertised by someone called Welcome Pardner. We thought, who is this Welcome Pardner and how do they know us and why are they saying that we are hiring. I looked up Welcome Pardner to let them know that I had never put out such a statement and I reached this lady named DJ. She told me that it was a mistake and we spoke for probably an hour or so. Since then DJ and my wife and I have become family. She has helped our business grow so much throughout the community and it has never been a mistake. The Lord put us right into her hands. Our desire to be a company thats dignified, compassionate and respectful has been brothered by a woman with a company that has the same standards and I am very proud to be in her family. I love the members of welcome pardner and would use Welcome Pardners businesses before choosing a business that is outside of Welcome Pardner. I’ve never met a better bunch of folks than the one’s I’ve met in here. Thanks to all of this we have now been led by the Lord to open a second business, Carpet-Klenz. Thanks to our Welcome pardner family, Carpet-Klenz is doing vey well ! I am so grateful to the ones of you who have used us for your cleaning and carpet care needs and for the wonderful comments about our services and about myself and how I run the companies. I am like DJ in this matter. The Lord owns our companies and has intrusted me to not only run them but to run them honestly and with integrity. One Welcome Pardner member the other day told me that Bio-Klenz is the only company that they trust in their home. I thanked her so much and she told me that I have earned it. This is the point that I have worked so hard to be at !! Trust, honesty and integrity is everything, especially in someones home. We are growing because of you, our community, and I can not thank each of you enough ! We love serving this community and the surrounding communities and it is our sincere hope to serve all of you for many, many years to come!

With Respect,

Brandon and Christie Barber

Dana Craig – Cribs For Life


Many thanks for such a nice program Friday morning. You and your staff do a wonderful job. It was truly amazing to be nominated and awarded the Non-Profit for January. What a great way to start out the new year.

As a result of the networking, we were able to provide a crib Saturday morning to a family that was in urgent need of a crib. I received a phone call from a lady early on Saturday morning as she had been given my name and phone number from Adella with Children’s Exchange. I am not a liberty to go into detail of the circumstances, but I can tell you that we were able to make things happen quickly and get this family a crib for a newborn that was being released from the hospital that same day.

Without having made “new friends” at your networking breakfast, this family would have had to let this newborn sleep with a parent. This is exactly why we do what we do. Keep babies safe.

This is truly God’s work!

Many, many thanks for all you do.


Brent Barbee – APD Crime Prevention Unit

DJ, odd coincidence…I was just about to send you a note of thanks on something, anyway….

We appreciate your support for local law enforcement and your posting the link very much, though I was originally writing to thank you for your continuing efforts to promote the Nixle service. The Amarillo Police Department now has over 2700 subscribers and there is no doubt that your continuing support contributes to the success of the program and our ability to communicate with the people that we work for!

Brent Barbee
Sgt., APD Crime Prevention Unit

Richard Herman

We appreciate so much your thoughtfulness in designating Cribs for Life for the recognition of the Non Profit Award. You’re a great group of people to recognize us for this great cause. Your organization is one I’ve come to respect, and depend on for outstanding leadership, great sense of humor, and up-to-date information about our local area. I appreciate the farsightedness of your organization’s leadership in establishing such awards to encourage excellence, recognition, and continued growth in our community. Although I don’t feel deserving, I’m appreciative just the same for Jesse’s nomination, and Welcome Pardner’s selection. The Welcome Pardner’s breakfast was a wonderful experience with so many friendly folks present, and a delightful event. Thank you, and Jesse so much; I’ll do my best to represent our organization according to the standards this award represents. Once again on behalf of the Cribs for Life organization a big thanks to everyone! “Helping Babies Sleep Safe”

Ricky, Lucila, Xavian, Caedon, and Julianna Alvarez

Hi D. J.!
As this year comes to a close, we would like to Thank You all for the kindness you have shown our family throughout Julianna’s Angel year. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives and for extending your friendship. It has been a fabulous expierence. We greatly appreciate the memories you have help us create. PRICELESS memories. Not just for Julianna but for our entire family. We know that this is a beginning and not the end. We look forward to continuing to share with you the events of Julianna’s life.
I’ve never had the opportunity to fully answer what Welcome Pardner has meant to our family. I’d like to take the time now to answer. Welcome Pardner has not only enriched our lives with new friends and acquaintances but also instilled in us a great sense of pride. We are so proud that so many wonderful people reside in our community. It has been an eye opening expierence to see how WP sponsors come together to find solutions to problems faced by Amarillo residents no matter how big or small.
As a full time teacher and mother, it is overwhelming to find time for volunteer work. But through you we have learned helping others comes as simple as purchasing an extra package of diapers, candy for care packages, or simply shopping locally! THANK YOU for all you do and we wish you continued SUCCESS in the New Year!

Ricky, Lucila, Xavian, Caedon, and Julianna Alvarez

Hugh Bryant

Dear Dj,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Recommending DJ Stubben is a lot like name dropping. Welcome Pardner is one of Amarillo’s most important services. I’m just proud to be on her large list of friends. In addition to all that she’s funny and I like funny.”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Jeff & Nancy Shreiner

Dear DJ,

It is people like you that make our community a wonderful place to to live in and serve others.

Thank you for all you did in making us feel special.

You and Maria from the High Plains food bank are awesome and a great part of what helping others is all about.

In sincere appreciation
Jeff & Nancy Shreiner
Shreiner Plumbing

Cpl.Sean Slover


I just wanted to thank you for honoring me and my wonderful volunteer board at Amarillo Crime Stoppers. I know that you had to be sly on several different levels to get that surprise past me the way you did. I was deeply honored with the kind words of my boss Sgt. Brent Barbee. Those words along with his nomination of me for officer of the quarter this year have been inspiring to me and my board. I consider myself very blessed with wonderful friends, family and a job that has a positive impact on the community. I am very lucky to also have the support of people like you and others who understand a job isn’t always about the money you make or the objects you collect along the way. There is intrinsic value in what we do and how it can affect the community we serve. That “value”, you can’t write a check for.

Thank you too DJ for what you do!

Cpl.Sean Slover
Amarillo Crime Stoppers
Police Coordinator
Tip line (806) 374-4400
Admin. (806) 378-6100

Warren Pitt


I want to personally thank you and your angels for your contribution to my campaign. It helped tremendously in trying to get my message out to the voters. Although I did not get the desired result I had intended, I feel I did very well against an incumbent for the first time I ran for political office. You were wonderful in helping pass along the word about my campaign, but I am most grateful for getting to know you. You are a blessing for anyone who knows you and I hope you will keep me on your email list so you can continue to be a bright spot in my days. I look forward to reading about what is going on in our community from you.

This was a humbling experience and I am grateful for the support you gave. I appreciate all of the well wishes and hope I carried myself with the utmost professionalism throughout the campaign. I learned a lot about the political process and can’t say that all of it was good, but it was a great experience. I am glad I had the opportunity to run for the office of Randall County Treasurer.

Thanks again for your support.

God Bless,

Warren Pitt

Melissa Quintero


I just wanted to tell you that having you in my life has been the greatest! Without you and Welcome Pardner! (as I have said this before) I would not have become the sales person that I am today. I would not have gone to Maui, HI for my incentive trip for Clearwire. A piece of you was there with Jaime and myself.

If your pardners are not using the full potential that Welcome Pardner! and YOU have, you are not utilizing all that Welcome Pardner! has to offer. You are a great knowledge of wealth and have helped me in so many ways. If you need someone to call me so that I can give a testimonial for you on how to use the resources that you provide, please give them my number!

You have SO MANY ways to help a sales rep out there to target what they need such as NEW BUSINESSES, RESIDENTIAL LIST, ONCE A MONTH NETWORKING BREAKFAST, EMAILS , etc. On my down time I would send postcards, emails, cold calls or whatever I had to do to get to my quoted numbers each week or month. You let me pass out fliers that I made up for each month for new promotions. You let me announce that I was searching for events to set up at and even new dealers.

Attending the Welcome Pardner! breakfasts was my way to get my face out there in the community. People have asked since I came back where I went to and that gave me great joy that they remembered me and missed me! Being a part of Welcome Pardner! again as a Sales Representative for Cintas it is a great pleasure. I know that bringing our company into your network will bring great success for me and Cintas. Just with you as another resource out there speaking on my behalf it is like another sales person! Your words and referrals daily are helping in so many ways.

If your pardners are not using these resources to search for these”events”, leads, or other, then I state again… You are not utilizing all that Welcome Pardner! has to offer!

Good Luck! A hand is handed to you….. take it!

Melissa Quintero

Lesli Rowe

We’ve had a long-running partnership with Welcome Pardner! in the Amarillo market. DJ has been a fantastic resource for Clearwire and now CLEAR, not only in helping advertise our service to the area, but also through referrals of customers and AR’s. She’s been a partner of ours since before we even launched the market in August of 2006 and has continued on to be a major supporter of the company. She helped spread the word about and was present at our original Clearwire launch, our retail store ribbon cutting and again most recently at the CLEAR launch at Westgate Mall.

In addition to that, she invites us to her monthly networking breakfasts and keeps us in the loop via email on events and opportunities taking place in the Amarillo area. As I’ve been out of the loop in Amarillo for a couple of months, I’m not sure if the market has been taking advantage of all that Welcome Pardner! has to offer, but before I transferred to Dallas, our RSR, Melissa Quintero, attended all the networking functions and took advantage of DJ’s marketing expertise. I know that Welcome Pardner! was a very effective resource for Melissa to network with the community, create event opportunities, and to get sales referrals. In my experience, DJ has gone out of her way to help us however she can and I know that she’ll continue to do so. Should you have any questions concerning any part of our relationship with Welcome Pardner!, please feel free to contact me! I know there are a lot of “we’s” and “our’s” in this email, so I apologize for that. Though I’ve transferred to Dallas, I’m still very attached to the market I supported from its first day. I continue to be VERY proud of all of the success in the Amarillo market and I wish you all nothing but the best!


Lesli Rowe
Indirect Market Development Rep

Christy Bertolino


Thank you for all you do for this community! Your email marketing is an invaluable tool for not only businesses and non-profit organizations, but also for community members. The Panhandle is blessed to have you as their “angel” looking out for area pets – as well as those individuals looking for employment and assistance.

Again, thank you!
Christy Bertolino

Jenna Hodges

Dear DJ,

I just wanted to thank you personally for helping us get the word out on needing business attire for our Youth and Government students. We have a small, but powerful, club that gives young people ages 12-18 a chance to learn government and media with hands-on learning from professionals working in their chosen area of Legislative, Judicial, or Media. These kids work so hard to learn cases and argue criminal and civil mock trials, to write bills and state affairs proposals to debate on the house and senate floors at the capitol building, and to produce excellent news broadcasts and newspapers documenting the goings on during the district and state conferences.

Each year, several of these kids face challenges, not only in their own lives, but raising what little money they need for the State Conference and in actually obtaining business attire to meet the dress code of the program. We have started a clothing closet here at the Y for those who cannot afford to do so. All youth deserve to feel confident and competent when competing during these events; clothes should be the lease of their worries.

Thanks to you and your reach of contacts, I had more folks say that they heard from “my friend DJ” about getting clothing to us. I kept asking…”who is this DJ woman?” Then I had heard you were with Welcome Pardner! (and now I remember you from the dog adoption spots) and it all started to make sense. Thank you so much…the outpouring was overwhelming and the kids looked mighty sharp.

The kids and I thank you very much. We seem to have the same mission of serving the Lord with what we do…making sure that the world continues to improve. At the Y we do this one kid at a time…by building strong kids, strong families, strong communities.

Thank you so much for your help!

Jenna Hodges
Amarillo Family YMCA
Program Director, Arts
Program Director, Teen & Family

Melissa Ballard

Hi DJ!

Thank you so much for all that you do. My husband and I are temporary custodial guardians (hopefully permanent soon) of two children and one biological. One of our children is a special needs child. My husband has been searching for a 2nd job in the evening, to help with mounting legal and medical bills. It hasn’t been easy to find a position that will work with his schedule. However, God answered our prayers when you sent out an email from Jeanne who was looking for someone in the evenings. My husband interviewed and already started working. This has been such a blessing. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. 🙂

Melissa Ballard
Corporate Recruiter
Spherion Staffing
Recruiting and Staffing Excellence

Jill Dana


Thank you so very much for honoring us as Business of the Month.
We really appreciate you.

You do so much for our Community, and who knows how far reaching the impact of your networking really is?
When you put the right people together, amazing things happen!

We love you,
Jill Dana
McDonald’s of Amarillo and Canyon

Melissa Quintero

DJ Stubben is the owner of Welcome Pardner! They have expanded Welcome Pardner! to Lubbock. DJ, has a very, very large base for contacts and customers and is the queen of networking here in Amarillo. I would not be the sales rep today without the knowledge and help from DJ and Welcome Pardner!.

If you become partners in her network marketing, which are flyers sent to new businesses, new home owners, new residents, businesses, medical professionals, teachers, many professionals ~ over 8,000 per month ~ and so forth. It gives you the first shot at the ‘new’ people moving in or out. She gives you access to leads, which were very helpful for me. DJ has a sales rep working for her in Lubbock, if you call her she will be able to give you details. DJ has also helped in finding dealers for this area and never fails to mention Clear for me!

Melissa Quintero
Field Sales Representative
(ofc) 806-356-5181 (cell) 806-433-3919

Paul & Sandy Matney

Dear DJ,

Thank you so much for your gracious honor last Friday morning. I was overwhelmed by your kindness.

It was so nice of you to ask Sandy and Mayor McCartt to be present for the Welcome Pardner! event. I appriciate and value your friendship and support for so many years. It is easy to see why Welcome Pardner! is such a successful organization in our community – your dedication and leadership is simply amazing!

Thank you DJ!

With gratitude and admiration,
Paul Matney

Mary Kay Kuhrts

Hi DJ,

Your generosity and thoughtfulness never cease to amaze me, and I want everyone to know just how valuable you are to me and our community. I can’t thank you enough for your consistent “What can I do for you?” attitude, and I’ve experienced many times just how much you mean it! The results of your networking and advertising through Welcome Pardner! mailings have been tremendous. From sending out my resume’ to your mega email list, to advertising fundraisers for Martha’s Home, you have gone to bat for me more times than I can remember. I’m lucky to have you as a personal and business friend, and it’s no wonder everyone else feels the same way. You’re definitely an angel and a half!

Mary Kay Kuhrts
Marketing Director
Martha’s Home

Sean Trinkle

Welcome Pardner! has just sold its 1st official coupon sale at our Sleep Number Store. After pursing and winning funds for local advertising from our corporate office in March, The Sleep Number Store at Westgate Mall participated in the April Welcome Pardner! mailings. And we saw our 1st coupon in our store in less than 10 days after the mailing!!! AWESOME JOB DJ!!! Your shopper chose the most popular model and will be enjoying better sleep for years to come.

Of course this is not the first bed sale driven to our store by Welcome Pardner!. In fact, looking back on 2008, we can attribute more than 30% of our yearly sales to our partnership and friendship with you DJ and Welcome Pardner!. You have constantly promoted and supported our local networking and marketing. We’re looking forward to another SUPER year as a leader for our company in sales and a commited good neighbor in our community.

In 2008 you helped us reach the top 15 in the nation of 450 stores, #11 and #1 in Texas!

From my staff and I and our families, God Bless you DJ and thank you for all that you and Welcome Pardner! friends do.

God Bless & Happy Easter & Passover everyone,

Sean Trinkle
Sales Mgr.
Sleep Number Store
Westgate Mall

Bill & Marty

Hi Guys,

When things like this get out to DJ’s network, (Welcome Pardner!), you know it is effectively touching the community, and will bring some positive results. Just wanted to FYI this and let you know what a great thing you are all doing in our region. See you Weds.


Bill & Marty

Sylvia Frisbie


Thank you for making my resume available to a great company, resulting in me acquiring a wonderful job. By making resumes available to your clients and others in the community, you perform a great service not only to those seeking employment, but to businesses seeking qualified candidates for jobs they may have available. Since the job market is so tight right now, we all need a little help!


Sylvia Frisbie

Alzheimer’s Association STAR Chapter


Thank you for all you do for our community. I appreciate your efforts in helping our people of the Panhandle Area who are walking this horrifying journey of Alzheimer’s. THANK YOU!! You are a Blessing with your Ministry.

Ken Branum
Alzheimer’s Association STAR Chapter

Contract Procurement Center

I want to thank DJ Stubben and Welcome Pardner! for the assistance they provide in advertising the various programs we have over the years. These programs vary for our regular bi-monthly luncheons, workshops, conferences, etc. We always have businesses attending because of DJ’s timely announcement emails to her vast email list of businesses and individuals. DJ, you are the best!! Thank you for all you do for us..

Thank you,
Edmond Esparza
Contract Procurement Center

From Sean Trinkle, GM @ Sleep Number Store in Amarillo

Hi DJ,

First and fore-most, thank you for the marketing breakfast great start to my day. I really enjoyed meeting the folks I could and really need to reach many I couldn’t-what a great exchange!We need you in business. You are the tipping point to a epidemic of business. To have an epidemic you need three things, three kinds of people. Very rarely do you find one single person with the traits of one or two, but to find 1 with the traits of all 3, that’s priceless. You DJ are that person! You are three parts in one. A salesman to sell the product, a Maven who knows the market in and out and the connector to bring groups together, gaining momentum to become an epidemic.

Thank you,
Sean Trinkle
Sleep Number Store

Panhandle Restaurant Roundup

Dear DJ,

Deciding where to spend advertising dollars for the Panhandle Restaurant Roundup is challenging each year. As with most, our charity event works with a limited operating budget. One choice we made was to use the service provided by Welcome Pardner! for Restaurant Roundup 2008. We put a line in the flier that offered attendees a commemorative glass in exchange for three cans of food to be donated to the Food Bank. DJ, that was a great idea on your part! Not only did we have record numbers of people at the event, but the Food Bank barrels were overflowing with cans! That flier was the ONLY advertising in which we mentioned the canned goods donation in exchange for a glass. That has proven to us that Welcome Pardner! advertising, working with your company’s networking and business connections, is an unequaled value.

Thank you so much for all that you do over and above. We share the massive success of Restaurant Roundup with you!

Monika Barbee
Panhandle Restaurant Association Secretary
Restaurant Roundup Coordinator

LinkedIn.com Testimonial from Amarillo Club’s Sonja Gross

Dear Dj,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Ms. Stubben’s relentless enthusiasm as well as her dedication and support of her colleagues is to be commended. If she doesn’t have the answer you’re looking for, she can always point you in the right direction. She’s an invaluable resource to the Amarillo Community.”

Source: LinkIn.com

Morgan Stanley

Hey DJ,

I’m in full production now setting up appointments and trying to attend as many events as possible. I relies I only had one card to give you on Friday and the rest I had passed out. If I can meet you some time and give you more that would be great. I need all the help I can get, and getting my name out there is half the battle.

I really want to thank you for all you have done so far not only helping me out, but helping all the organization and small businesses in Amarillo. I have no doubt that God has blessed your business because of the work you do and the lives you effect. I only pray I can conduct my business the way you have conducted yours. While I know it requires a lot of hard work, my business would be nothing with out God’s hand in it. I can know all I know about finance and I can memories sales pitches but ultimately God will lead costumers to me and I have very little control over any of my business. I know that I can not build my business with out His help and without the help of others.

I wanted to thank you so much for what you are doing now and I really am excited to work with you as I build my business. Anything you can help me with I will appreciate it greatly. I don’t know if you can send an email out for me stating that I’m building my book of business, and if anyone’s, interested in learning what I have to offer to give me a call. Morgan Stanley has many investment products that are interesting, from retirement, to financing future vacations, to college planning, and many more financial planning ideas. I also know you run across many people on any given day. If you could mention my name to anyone you think I would be able to help out that would be great to!

You have been on my mind a lot lately and in my prayers. God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Nathan Johnson
Financial Advisor

Amarillo SDA Church

To DJ and everyone involved-

God Bless you all. Praise The Lord for “human beings” like you all.

Sincerely yours, always

Lucy & Ralph and the Amarillo SDA Church

Thelma McCarty

Finding and joining Welcome Pardner! has been a real blessing for me and my business. DJ is such a true friend and always ready to help me out. I have attended more functions because of Welcome Pardner! that would not have been possible otherwise. Welcome Pardner! has given me the opportunity to meet so many people in Amarillo for which I am so greatful. I really appreciate DJ and all her hard work. I have not met anyone that does not know and love DJ. Wow, what a blessing Welcome Pardner! has been for me.

Keep up the good work DJ!!!
Blessings Thelma McCarty

West Texas Grocery Delivery

I think working with Welcome Pardner! was the best move I’ve made for my business. DJ has alot of knowledge that I’ve found very beneficial to my business. She is also a tireless promoter. Welcome Pardner! has been a God send! Thank you so much DJ!

West Texas Grocery Delivery

World Market

Dear DJ:

DJ Stubben was the best marketing tool and liaison between the Amarillo community and a new store opening I did for World Market in Amarillo! I affectionately called her my “mole” in the community based on her immense contacts and her ability to get the word out to all different demographics in Amarillo. DJ was able to quickly and effectively get our announcements out regarding our grand opening events…. She really proved herself with the successful results we achieved with our World Market grand opening events which were highly publicized by Welcome Pardner!.

Kristen Lazzara
Grand Opening Event Planner
Walnut Creek, CA

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